Danone recruits employees looking for fulfillment and ready to embark on a long-term journey. Employees, on the other hand, join Danone with a view to learning and contributing to a healthier world. With support and guidance, they are responsible for shaping their own career and contributing to the performance of the business. See how you could design your most meaningful journey!

A sharing day

When 7 Danoners meet one day to share their respective experiences in Danone and what they enjoy about their job, they spontaneously mention the people they work with, the projects they create and that shared impression they’ve grown and developed in Danone as professionals of course but also as persons.

I can be who I want to be

How do you imagine your next move?

Each employee is encouraged to shape their career path by alternating between the various functions, contexts and cultures. Mobility is decided by mutual agreement with the employee, taking into account both their aspirations in terms of career progression and the needs of the organisation. Generally speaking, a Danone employee changes positions every 3 years.

Danone focuses on the development and progression of its local and regional talents. Various programmes are available to boost Danone employees’s career through intra-zone exchanges such as “Jaguar” in Americas and Asia that enables young talents to go to another country of their region for a 3 to 6 months assignment.

The diversity provided by such personal and unique paths all directly contribute to Danone’s success. As a sign of this commitment to count first and foremost on its employees, Danone has set itself the target of filling 80% of its vacant positions internally. 

One learning a day

Learning something new each day means you keep growing every day! What if you regarded each activity in your day as an opportunity to learn and discover something about yourself, your job or your way of working?  Learn more about One learning a day

Danone Academy  implements programmes that enable all employees to develop both in their professional and personal life. In 2015, business units in Indonesia and in Mexico introduced the “campus for all”, a whole week dedicated to personal development, networking as well as functional expertise.