At Danone, we believe in doing business differently, as is reflected in our 'One Planet.One Health' frame of action, our B Corp journey and our status as an "Entreprise à Mission". This means sourcing differently too. We believe that through what and how we source, we shape the world we want to live in. Through our sourcing, we aim to create value both for business and for society, and to reconnect consumers with their food.


We want to work with suppliers who share our Cycles & Procurement vision and can partner with us to:

  • Deliver the best quality of ingridients, packaging and services
  • Innovate always
  • Protect natural resources and strengthen social inclusion
  • Eliminate waste and drive efficiency 

We work with a diverse supplier base that includes smallholder farmers, startups and multinational enterprises. We strive to build trustful, win-win relationships with all these partners. This is fundamental to our ability to source the right products and services for our value chain, which spans 7 Research & Innovation Centers of Excellence, 190 production sites, and 400 distribution centers, delivering 90 million shipments to over 1.5 billion consumers worldwide every year.


This portal is intended to help suppliers understand our vision, find relevant information and connect with the right collaboration systems.



Portrait of Jean-Yves Krummenacher - Danone

“Now more than ever, sourcing is playing a fundamental role in driving growth and impact at Danone, in line with our One Planet.One Health frame of action.

At Danone Cycles & Procurement, we want to partner with our suppliers to innovate our recipes, leverage data and technology , for the benefit of our consumers and our customers. We want to work with our ecosystem to design solutions that lower greenhouse gas emissions, foster regenerative agriculture, water protection and circularity.

Joint innovation and problem-solving are at the core of our approach, which is why we created programs that allow us to work differently together, like Connect4Growth, 5 STAR and Farming4Generations.

I invite all of you, our partners to join us on this sourcing journey to shape the world we want to live in!"


 - Jean-Yves Krummenacher; Chief Cycles & Procurement Officer -