Goodness of Nature

AQUA mineral water, created by nature, far from human touch, bringing the goodness of life in its purest form as nature intended. With more than 45 years of experience, AQUA presents the goodness of nature and protects it with advanced integrated technology in processing and quality control, to bring you a whole new level of purity in every bottle. AQUA believes that the best and purest form of water comes from the balance of nature. It is therefore AQUA's priority to protect and preserve the balance of nature, and to provide the best quality of mineral water for everyone in Indonesia.

Danone, aqua

This video series is a project by AQUA to holistically introduce people to the dedication and hard work of AQUA in presenting the best quality of mineral water.

Intention as pure as the water itself

It all started with a pure and kind intention to provide quality mineral water to every family in Indonesia. AQUA begin its journey in 1973 under the leadership of Mr. Tirto Utomo and becomes the pioneer of bottled mineral water in Indonesia. AQUA is preserving the quality and purity of its mineral water since day one, by preserving and protecting the nature around it. This is achieved by holding CSR programs like "AQUA Peduli.", "Program 1 untuk 10" and many other efforts to preserve and protect nature. In 2018, AQUA launched Caaya by AQUA - a ready-to-drink tea that is the essence of the wealth of our nature and culture.

45 years of being a part of Indonesia's daily life

45 years dedication from AQUA in preserving 11 billion liters of mineral water for more than 34 provinces in Indonesia, securing AQUA's position among the 50 most valuable brands in Indonesia. Incorporating 21 water springs all across the nation makes AQUA the number 1 bottled mineral water producer in Indonesia.

  • AQUA ensures your hydration whenever and wherever you go with its 600ml bottle that you can carry easily on the go.
  • For long travel and picnic with loved ones, AQUA has a convenient 1.5-liter bottle that provides you with an ample supply of hydration wherever you are. 
  • To accompany your mealtime, AQUA has a 330ml bottle that matches every meal you enjoy perfectly.
  • AQUA has a practical 240ml format that is perfect for every event and social gathering.
  • AQUA also ensures that every family stays hydrated by providing a 19-liter bottle for home consumption, a format that is already used and trusted by families in Indonesia
  • For sports and on the go consumption, AQUA provides you with 750ml bottles equipped with sports caps.
  • For exclusive events, there is AQUA Reflection (still and sparkling water), in an elegantly designed glass bottle that is sure to fit perfectly on every dinner table.
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