Mizone is known to be loved by many as the leading Chinese vitamin drink brand, for its rich vitamin composition, light fruity flavor and refreshing taste. It is a brand that aims to help the youth feel empowered in their quest towards embracing the unknown.

Defining a new category, as the pioneer of healthy drinks in China

As a front-runner, Mizone defined vitamin drinks in the Chinese market, and pioneered this new category. Through insightful understanding of Chinese consumers, Mizone positions itself as an “everyday restoration drink”, replenishing youth with their daily health needs. Its brand strategy has set remarkable sales records as the leading beverage brand driving the healthy drinking lifestyle of Chinese consumers. In the meantime, Mizone promotes a new lifestyle of going back to an active life and optimistic outlook on life, winning the recognition of young consumers. And thus, a strong emotional bond with consumers is established.

Danone, mizone

Creating the iconic “Tilting Man” to effectively drive brand awareness

Nowadays, young people feel “Out of State” because of the tremendous pressure from life and work. Mizone has created the “Tilting Man” character based on this insight to represent being “Out of State”. By “turning people's tilt upright”, our objective to “Restore to an ideal state” is imprinted in the consumer’s mind, which strengthens Mizone’s lively brand image. By extending this communication message, the image of “Tilting Man” has penetrated to different occasions in young people’s lives. In conclusion, Mizone has reinforced its connection to young consumers.

Rejuvenating to stay closer to our consumers 

Along with the development of society, consumers’ needs are also constantly changing. Young people may be anxious and hesitant about life. Therefore, Mizone proposed a new tagline: “Mizone Forward”, as well as an active and optimistic attitude to life - dare to take action, dare to experience, which has triggered an emotional resonance among many consumers. At the same time, the dramatic visual of “catapult” has created a new level of recognition of brand image among consumers. This upgrade in the brand proposition has made the brand younger and more modern.

Keep innovating, keep exploring new fields, products and activities 

Innovation has always been a driving force for Mizone. Facing the segmented beverage needs of young people, Mizone not only launched new flavors, but also extended its product line – Mi-pro - into the hottest and most promising sports drink. With a desire to remain close to young consumers, Mi-Pro has the unique attitude of “Sweat for Passion”, which hits a common pain point for modern consumers and is recognized by them. At the same time, the “Shining Ride”, launched by Mi-Pro in different cities, ignited heated discussion and participation among young people. In the meantime, to keep bringing new experience to young consumers, Mizone launched a new series of innovative flavors such as Cactus and Mojito, which is a breakthrough on the tradition of only innovating in fruit flavor, and has made the brand younger and trendier. As time goes by, Mizone, as an innovative and vivid brand, will never stop strengthening its intimate relationship with young consumers.

In the future, Mizone will “Keep Moving” and keep being present in the lives of young people. Mizone will always be unique and modern, encouraging youth to bring out the confident and energetic sides of themselves. Life in the future is full of uncertainties. Mizone hopes to help hundreds of millions of young people get rid of hesitation and anxiety, rebuild confidence, and actively embrace future uncertainties.

Danone, mizone