Our mission

Bring healthy hydration and safe drinking water to people throughout the world, in a way that preserves natural resources and improves lives, now and for generations to come.


Danone’s water brands are taking major steps to tackle global water challenges through WeActForWater.


Deployed by the iconic water brands of Danone Waters (including evian, Volvic, AQUA and Bonafont), WeActForWater is a set of urgent actions, ambitious objectives, and new investments. 


They focus on responsible packaging, climate neutrality, watershed preservation and access to safe drinking water.

The WeActForWater collective will support bold new objectives set by its brands including:

1- Halving the amount of virgin plastic used by the water brands, reaching 50% recycled PET (rPET) use worldwide and 100% across Europe in 2025;

2- Accelerating towards carbon neutrality in Europe by 2025, with evian and Volvic becoming carbon neutral this year;

3- Matching every liter of water sold with a liter for people in need, by creating a fund to help 50M people in developing countries access safe drinking water by 2030;

4- Enhancing watershed and wetlands preservation around the world;

5- Expecting the collective of its water brands to achieve B Corp certification worldwide by 2022.

Waters by numbers

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