better CHOICES

We innovate to create and promote healthier alternatives

Within our portfolio, we are increasingly focusing on ways to encourage the consumption of flagship products: the healthiest in their category. We offer more plain yogurts and plain plant-based alternatives, through innovations in this segment. We actively promote the consumption of water as the healthiest way to hydrate, for instance through the “Mascot” program, now deployed in more than 13 countries.

Danone, health portfolio

In addition, we design healthier alternatives to enlarge consumer’s choices. An example of this strategy is our low sugar beverages portfolio : they are a healthier alternative to regular sugared drinks, with a much lower sugar content, and they drive the improvement of the beverages market.

We analyze in details the consumption dynamics: our “Healthier choices” program allows us to know what substitutions the consumers are actually operating, and we can then check that our products are nutritionally superior to the options they are likely to replace in the diet. This innovative type of study has been put in place already in 8 countries.