Our vision

We aim to be the company of healthy drinks with the most loved brands, leaders in their segments, present at all times and taking part in the life of Mexicans.

Our mission

Motivate Mexicans to enjoy healthier hydration habits in a light and sustainable way.

We are the #1 water brand preferred by all mexicans

Danone, Bonafont water : bottle

How the Bonafont story began

Bonafont was born in 1992 as a project of Mexican shareholders to develop the bottled water market and to contribute to the health and well-being of the consumers through natural beverage consumption. Since 1996, Bonafont has belonged to Danone. The main plant of Bonafont is located in Toluca Valley, and we also have several plants strategically distributed throughout national territory as a response to a growing market demand. All plants operate with the highest standards of quality and safety.

Our purpose in 2018

At Bonafont, we know that Mexico is a country with great gender inequality. We can find these differences in the workplace, where women are in disadvantage simply for being women. That is why we made the largest alliance in our history with UN Women, and committed to support equal opportunities for men and women. Bonafont has always promoted women in many aspects, and we want to invite everyone to do the same, so that we can live in a country free of prejudice and stereotypes, and so that we can co-create a greater Mexico without gender inequality. Mexico can go even further if we join this cause. We are the first brand to make an alliance with UN Women!

Danone, Bonafont

From speech to action

This is why we created the new HeForShe special edition bottles to contribute to equal opportunities. 100% of the earnings will be donated to UN Women to promote special programs for women.