For Danonino, there is nothing more important than families.  And we know what parents want is to make their kids happy and healthy.  That’s why, for more than 50 years, Danonino has been part of the daily routines of kids and parents. Danonino is a product that kids love and parents feel good about giving it to their kids.

There are more than 60* million families enjoying our products in 38 countries all around the world. We are proud of the role that we play in the everyday lives of families everywhere and also conscious of the responsibilities that come with it.


* Number of households who buy Danonino once a year at a minimum, in countries where Danonino is present. MAT September 2017, Europanel

A mother and her daughter lay down on the grass, eating a Danonino product
Smiling children eating Danonino yogurts in pots

Danonino is a range of fresh dairy products designed for kids* which can be enjoyed every day. Our portfolio includes fresh cheese, stirred and drinkable yoghurt. These products are sources of calcium and Vitamin D and specially designed for kids needs. Danonino offers good taste with a variety of flavours, combined with fun pack colors and packaging adapted to kids’ motor skills to hold and eat from independently.


*Above 3 years old

4 children at a table eating Danonino yogurts in pots

Childhood* is a particularly opportune time to create the early daily experiences that nurture kids healthy eating habits for life 1 2 3.

At Danonino, we believe that parents have a key role to play. Encouraging kids to develop healthy eating habits by themselves can lead to a significant improvement in their diet overall. By making Danonino moment a pleasurable experience, and giving them a chance to be directly involved in it, they are more likely to go on to make healthier choices by themselves 9 10.

We work closely with professionals to keep our products loved by kids and parents.

*Above 3 years old


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