danone AT A GLANCE

A global leader with a health-focused portfolio in food & beverages

Danone’s purpose is to bring “health through food to as many people as possible”. To fulfill its purpose, the Company operates in health-driven categories worldwide and enjoys leadership positions thanks to a portfolio made of both multi-local and local brands.

Danone launched in 2017 One Planet. One Health, a frame of action that reflects its strong belief that people’s and the planet’s health are interconnected. This vision builds on decades of responsible business stewardship and lies at the core of Danone’s strategic priorities. Danone is committed to offering people healthier and more sustainably produced food and beverage choices, as well as to taking care of employees, communities, and the environment.

In the unprecedented circumstances brought by the Covid-19 crisis, the One Planet. One Health frame of action drove the way Danone engaged with its ecosystem of farmers and suppliers, customers and consumers, healthcare professionals and patients, but also business partners, governments and health authorities.

Inspired by the increasing number of people who care about where their food comes from, how it was grown, how it arrived to them, as well as about social and environmental practices of brands, the One Planet. One Health drives Danone’s portfolio orientations and choices, centered around health-focused categories of products. Danone aims to play a key role in this food revolution, and encourages consumers to make better choices, by improving the nutritional quality of products, by proposing innovative formats and packaging, adapted to increasingly nomadic lifestyles, and by improving its distribution channels.

Finally, the One Planet. One Health frame of action drives Danone’s approach to doing business, with a strong focus on local relevance and anchoring. To deliver on its purpose of “bringing health through food to as many people as possible”, Danone offers products and services suited to each community’s specificities by taking into account cultural, social, emotional and physiological aspects related to dietary practices in each part of the world. Danone’s goal is to be an agent of positive change towards a healthy world, through food.

Building on its One Planet. One Health frame of action, Danone has defined nine 2030 Goals, which were presented at its 2018 Shareholders’ Meeting, aligned with the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Danone’s 2030 Goals embed the business, brand and trust models of the Company to drive long-term sustainable value creation. These nine goals constitute the strategic framework of the Company.

In June 2020, Danone also became the first listed company to adopt the "Entreprise à Mission" status created by the French "Pacte" law in 2019. An Entreprise à Mission company is defined as a company whose objectives in the social, societal and environmental fields are aligned with this purpose and set out in its by-laws. By adopting of the Entreprise à Mission status, Danone took a new step in the pursuit of a model of sustainable value creation for all its stakeholders: employees, partners, shareholders, and many more.