"Bringing health through food to as many people as possible." 

Danone’s commitment to bringing health through food is as old as the company itself. In 1919, Isaac Carasso began making yogurt to help children with intestinal infections, using cultures from the Pasteur Institute. In the 1920s, he sold his first yogurts in Barcelona pharmacies before expanding into grocery stores. Even prior to this, in the late 1890's, Nutricia - which joined forces with Danone in 2007 - was pioneering discoveries that have transformed people's lives around the world.


For a century, we’ve been faithful to his original purpose, selling healthy, delicious products tailored to the nutritional needs and eating habits of our consumers. Essential Dairy and Plant-Based Products, Waters, Early Life Nutrition and Medical Nutrition–all of our ranges share the same goal: offering innovative, top-quality products that meet the expectations of consumers at every stage of life. And while our business is about nourishing people and helping them take care of their health, we never forget that it’s also about helping them live better lives and share their enjoyment with others.


Now more than ever, consumers are concerned with food. The revolution now underway is shaping how products are made and consumed, as well as our approach to preserving resources and protecting the environment.

Sportmen drinking small bottles of Bonafont water

Our vision

Danone, One Planet. One Health

In 2017, Danone unveiled a refreshed logo and its very first company signature: One Planet. One Health. These words reflect our vision that the health of people and the health of the planet are interconnected. It is a call to action for all consumers and everyone who has a stake in food to join the food revolution: a movement aimed at nurturing the adoption of healthier, more sustainable eating and drinking habits.

Little girl smiling in a supermarket

Reconnecting people with the food they eat

At Danone, we believe that each time we eat and drink, we can vote for the world we want to live in. This powerful idea is at the heart of the ongoing food revolution, a movement inspired by people who care about where their food comes from, how it was grown, how it arrived on their plates and how it impacts their health and the health of the planet. We call those people the food generation.


At Danone, we believe that global food and retail companies can play an important role in this revolution through a transformation of their business models, moving away from standardized food systems to new models based on local diets and leveraging local sourcing. We believe a healthy body needs healthy food. And healthy food needs a healthy planet. All with healthy ecosystems and strong, resilient social structures. We believe in a food and water ecosystem that works in harmony with people, communities and the environment. Our dream is to make the Danone logo a symbol of positive change to build a healthier world through food. With our company brand idea, we can bring together our mission, values, brands and social initiatives.


The Danone company brand will allow us to demonstrate our uniqueness into a driver of growth and add extra equity to our brands, to build consumer trust.

The child star: an icon inviting everyone to join the movement

Together, the new signature and logo—a refinement of our child gazing up to a star—carry a sense of optimism for positive change while embodying the same pioneering spirit the company has always had.


In 1972, Antoine Riboud, the first Danone Chairman and CEO, said, “There is only one earth, we only live once.” Those words kick-started a vision that lives on today: to bring health to our planet and to generations of people through our company and its ecosystems now and in the future.


Danone logo


At Danone, our employees help co-build our strategy. 

Through our “Danone People Survey” & Pulse programs we started more than 2 decades ago, our Danoners – regardless of seniority, position or location – have the opportunity to express themselves, share their convictions and put into action their opinions to build our Danone of tomorrow.


Our four values "HOPE"HUMANISM, OPENNESS, PROXIMITY and ENTHUSIASM" guide the way we behave every day, the way we work and progress in our business, the way we connect with our communities, and the way we develop people.




Sharing responsibility, respect for others

Attention to individuals, whether they're consumers, colleagues or fellow citizens, is at the heart of our decisions. 



Curiosity, agility et dialogue


Diversity is a source of wealth and change a constant opportunity.



Accessibility, authenticity et empathy

Engaging with communities in our common quest to find better health through better food for the greatest number. 



Boldness, passion et appetite


There are no limits. There are only obstables to be overcome.