Our History


Born thanks to the merger of BSN and Gervais Danone in December 1972, Danone is above all the story of the encounter between Daniel Carasso and Antoine Riboud. This section traces the history of Danone, because our history is the foundation on which we will continue to build and shape the future of this incredible human adventure.

Did you Know I. Carasso created the first Danone Yogurt 100 years ago in Barcelona in 1919, is was sold in pharmacies
Did you Know Daniel Carasso launched the Société Parisienne du Yoghourt in France, introducing the Danone yogurt to French people
Did you Know Daniel Carasso settled in New York, where he bought a small yogurt shop and created Dannon. He adapted his yogurt to local tastes by adding a layer of fruit jam
Did you Know, out of a genuine friendship and shared ambitions, Daniel Carasso and Antoine Riboud decided to merge their business in 1973, wich became Danone 20 years later