Chief Operating Officer End-to-End Design to Delivery  

Henri Bruxelles
Chief Operating Officer End-to-End Design to Delivery

Born in 1965, in France


Business address: 17, boulevard Haussmann – 75009 PARIS - France


Chief Operating Officer End-to-End Design to Delivery 

Personal background – experience and expertise

Henri Bruxelles started his career at Danone in 1987 where he had several assignments in Marketing in Germany, France, Spain and Brazil as VP Marketing for Danone Brazil in 1998.


In 2002, he was appointed VP Marketing of Danone France and in 2004, VP Marketing of the Dairy WWBU. Then in 2008, he was Chief Marketing Officer of Danone.


In 2010, he was appointed General Manager of Danone Portugal and, in 2013, General Manager of Danone Argentina.


In May 2015, Henri Bruxelles became Regional VP Waters Latam.


In October 2017, Henri Bruxelles joined the Executive Committee as EVP, Waters and Africa.


As of November 2020, Henri Bruxelles is appointed Chief Operating Officer End-to-end Design to Delivery.