World milk day, cause for celebration!

Dairy foods are natural sources of protein, calcium and other micronutrients. They are simple, affordable, and enjoyable foods. For these reasons, dairy foods are key for a balanced diet and can also be part of a sustainable diet because they have a lower environmental footprint than meat products like beef, for example.

Image d'un fermier et d'un veau

We’ve been making yogurt for more than 100 years with a unique expertise in dairy fermentation. Always driven by the needs of our consumers, we strive to offer foods that support people’s growing tendency towards healthy and sustainable diets, by using tasty recipes and high-quality ingredients to deliver nutritious and delicious foods. On this World Milk Day, we celebrate the backbone of our expertise: our dairy farmer partners.


Based in 14 countries, the 58.000 dairy farmers in our ecosystem work hard to guarantee the best quality for our products. Thanks to the tight-knit relationship we entertain with them, even in challenging times like the COVID-19 crisis, we can ensure 100% of the milk collection in order to secure farming incomes and prevent milk waste. Our proximity also allows us to keep sourcing fresh milk locally [for the large majority within 200 km], which has been invaluable in limiting the disruption of the food chain.


Working hand in hand also means developing contracts with farmers to cover their production costs and guarantee a fair margin in order to limit financial risks. Our vision of the collaboration with dairy farmers is twofold:


  • It is a daily responsibility through regular support of local communities
  • It is a long-term commitment through projects like the Farming for Generations. Together with agricultural sector leaders, we are working with 25 dairy farmers to establish practices that preserve and renew our planet's resources, respect animal welfare and ensure the long-term economic viability of farms for the next generations.