Volvic’s organic ranges prove that less is more

Volvic® natural mineral water, sourced from the heart of the Auvergne volcanic region in France, has a unique taste and mineral composition from filtering through six layers of volcanic rock. With Volvic Essence and Volvic Organic Tea, the brand responds to consumers’ demand for lighter, organic and more natural products, and reflects Danone’s commitment to healthier hydration.

Organic ranges designed for modern lifestyles

More than ever, consumers are on-the-go, and their evolving lifestyle habits call for healthier drinking options that fit their needs. Volvic Organic Tea – World Volcano Edition and Volvic Essence target young consumers in search of a healthier alternative to sugary beverages. The flavors of this organic range provide a drinking option that is lighter than the average sugary beverage, in a context where as many as 60% of global consumers are trying to limit or avoid sugar, with around 50% already actively choosing foods with low or no sugar. And it isn’t just about limiting the amount of sugar – around 80% of consumers pay close attention to how their foods and drinks are sweetened, with younger consumers especially seeking “naturally sweetened”.

A delicious drink offer that is low in calories

Roam the world with Volvic Organic Tea – World Volcano Edition, the organic range of water-based beverages. The range’s infusions and flavors are inspired by the world’s great volcanoes, a nod to the authenticity of Volvic volcanic water. The three new recipes are composed of Volvic volcanic water, organic tea or infusion and a combination of natural flavors inspired by some of the world’s greatest volcanoes:

  • Organic rooibos infusion, mango and passion fruit flavors, inspired by Kilimanjaro;
  • Organic hibiscus infusion, lychee and passion fruit flavors, inspired by Piton de la Fournaise;
  • Organic white tea concentrated infusion, rhubarb and lingonberry flavors, inspired by Eyjafjallajökull.

What’s more, Volvic always strives to achieve the greatest beverage from a sensory perspective, with the lowest amount of sugar. Volvic Organic Tea – World Volcano Edition beverages have a touch of subtle sweetness, with organic cane sugar and a hint of organic lemon juice that amount to only 3.5 grams of sugar per 100 mL. It has one of the lowest sugar content among sugary beverages in Volvic’s key markets.

Simpler recipes for an optimal hydration

Volvic Essence is where authentic, simple recipes and new sensory experiences without any sweet taste come to life. These recipes for water lovers feature only Volvic natural mineral water with natural extracts of fruits, spices or botanicals:

  • citrus and rosemary;
  • mint and cucumber and
  • ginger, lemon and apple.

Volvic Essence is “0 added”: 0 additives, 0 preservatives, 0 sugar and 0 sweeteners. It is the on-the-go infused water to quench consumers’ thirst for healthier and more natural drinks with organic ingredients that they can trust and not containing any artificial ingredients or sugar.