Just when you thought we couldn’t spin water any further, meet Volvic Coffee and Volvic Matcha!

After launching a range of infused waters and tea-infused beverages, Volvic is back with two innovations that are sure to blow you away! Casting an even bigger shadow on sugary soft drinks, Volvic broadens its organic offer in Germany, featuring two hot ingredients: coffee and matcha!

A new coffee experience

Iced coffee is so yesterday! Volvic makes a splash with a new beverage made of natural mineral water with a hint of coffee infusion and fruit flavor. Low in sugar and calories, in addition to being organic, it is available in three fruity varieties: Mocha & Lemon, Robusta & Cassis, Arabica & Passion Fruit Lychee.

No matter what how they choose to enjoy it, coffee tastes fantastic to those who love it, but one thing is for sure: the caffeine will certainly keep you up at night if you have too many throughout the day! So Volvic came up with the perfect solution, a coffee-infused beverage, an alternative to ice tea that also helps you feel refreshed!

Extending the tea range

Volvic Tea Matcha with Cherry Blossom & Raspberry Flavor is free of sweeteners and coloring. Consisting of 95 percent natural mineral water, this original beverage is still a flavor rocket. Much like its older sisters in the range, this tea is organic and low in sugar and calories.