Unleashing the potential of rPET

On this European Week for Waste Reduction, we sought to focus on a solution that holds a wealth of environmental benefits: rPET. Its use allows to save 50% carbon emissions versus virgin PET, to reduces reliance on fossil fuels, among others. What’s more, increasing rPET production and usage will help drive the circular economy, keeping plastic within its economy and out of nature, a commitment that is dear to us as a company. Our water brands innovate continuously to feed our circularity ambition, take a look at a few examples of 100% rPET packaging:

European Week for Waste Reduction visual

evian: (re)new, an in-home system with a collapsible 5L bubble that uses 66% less plastic proportionally compared, per litre of water, to a 1.5L evian bottle (3.33 x 1.5L evian bottles).

AQUA logo

AQUA : a first bottle launched in 2018 with a pledge to recover more plastic from the environment than the brand uses by 2025.

Volvic 8L logo

Volvic: a revamped 8L bottle launched in 2019, using ~15% less plastic than its predecessor.

Żywiec Zdrój logo

Żywiec Zdrój: a first 5L jug launched in 2019, giving a second life to plastic waste.  

Lanjaron logo

Lanjarón: Red, a 1.25L bottle launched in 2018 whose profits are used to finance projects aimed at preserving the environment.  

Aqua d'or logo

Aqua d’Or:  a first 1.25L bottle launched in 2019, and a commitment to have all Aqua d’Or bottles made from 100% rPET by 2021.