Sırma takes on the challenge of changing the beverage market in Turkey

Nowadays, consumers are increasingly seeking health and wellness alternatives, which has brought health and general trends closer than ever. Sırma has seized the opportunity in this growing trend to disrupt the beverage category and launch a functional water line with ‘Live better, feel better’ as its motto. With 5 variants, each with zero added sugar and low calories, several wellness needs are met.


As sports gained popularity, protein segments have increased by 35% last year in Turkey. Sırma Protein contains 15 g of protein and 60% of Daily B3, B5, B6 vitamin and folic acid need per 400 ml portion. With its raspberry and strawberry flavor, it is an enjoyable and refreshing alternative to support the daily protein need.


Products that contain antioxidants are perceived as essential for good health, with promises to fight disease, reverse ageing and relieve fatigue. Sırma Antioxidant contains a mixture of 10% strawberry, grape and pomegranate juices, fruits famed for antioxidant power.


Sırma Detox’s distinctive raw material is an herbal extract mixture that contains daisy, lemongrass, and melissa enhanced with 10% apple juice. It provides 60% daily vitamin C need per 400 ml portion.


Alkaline nutrition is an emerging trend aiming to provide the balance of the body’s pH level by neutralizing free radicals in the body. Sırma Alkaline includes 5% of lemon juice, cucumber, lemon, and mint flavours.


Collagen enhances the elasticity of the skin and strengthens hair and nails. Sırma Collagen contains 1820 mg bovine collagen and 60 % of daily B3, B5, B6 vitamin and folic acid need per 400 ml portion. The beverage contains 10% orange juice & pineapple flavor.