A rainbow of healthy hydration options

The Aqua d’Or source can be traced back to the end of the last ice age, over 10,000 years ago, when Denmark’s gigantic glaciers began melting. Its water filtration is a gentle process that takes 300 years, making even the newest water in the source date back to the times well before the industrial age. Aqua d’Or, in an effort to serve this precious Danish water in as many options as possible, has recently launched Sparkles: a new full flavored sparkling water, which comes in 7 different flavor combinations with zero calories, natural coloring and fruit flavors.

Sparkles is a healthy hydration alternative with colorful and tasty recipes. The range comes in 7 flavors, and with zero calories! With its sleek new design, Sparkles capitalizes on trendy ingredients rooted in Scandinavian culture, bringing a new paradigm in indulgent experiences: Rhubarb Apple, Elderflower Lemonade, Cucumber Lime, Strawberry Raspberry, Blueberry Blackcurrant, Ginger Lemon, and Strawberry Watermelon.

The recipes are simple, and contain natural ingredients: fruits and plants. What’s more, Sparkles will keep wowing its Danish and Swedish consumers by introducing an additional flavor each year !