With Font Vella, the protected natural space is you

Inspired by the protected natural spaces where Font Vella water originates - Espacio Natural Protegido de Les Guilleries (Sant Hilari Sacalm, Girona) and Parque Natural del Barranco del Río Dulce (Sigüenza, Guadalajara) -, our natural mineral water brand shines a light on its environmental causes through yet another natural space that deserves care and attention: the human body. This novel focus comes as the continuity of our vision 'One Planet. One Health', which correlates the health of people and that of the planet.

With ‘Soy Espacio Natural Protegido’, Font Vella aims to take a step forward in its inspiring role and connect with the growing tendency towards protection of ourselves and the concern for the origin of what we consume. While working to inspire healthy hydration through natural mineral water consumption, Font Vella reminds us of the importance of taking care of the natural environment, thanks to various projects of water resource management and optimization of energy consumption. For instance, since 2014, more than 83% of the energy consumed in its bottling sites comes from renewable sources. Along the way, many other ambitions are added, such as the initiatives to improve the design of the products and develop alternative models of distribution and reuse; investments to develop more efficient and inclusive collection and recycling systems; the preservation of natural resources through the use of recycled material in packaging or the use of renewable materials.

Font Vella counts about 20% of r-PET (recycled plastic) throughout its range of waters (Font Vella and Lanjarón) and is focusing efforts on achieving a 25% of rPet by 2020. More on its initiatives, the brand has educational and awareness projects in place to recycle bottles, such as RENUEVA, which also helps the labor insertion of people at risk of social exclusion. In addition, it works throughout the value chain to generate a positive impact throughout the cycle. For example, the Font Vella bottling sites have a 94% average of recovered waste in Sant Hilari and Sigüenza and aim to reach the 0 waste (zero waste to landfill) during 2019.

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