With Playmobil, Danone adds fantasy to the quest for goodness!

Over the past few years, we’ve observed a gradual evolution of the traditional eating patterns: shorter mealtimes and the rise of convenient on-the-go options are just a few of the factors coming into play. Beyond this shifting dynamic is a greater concern from parents looking to provide ever more natural and healthy products to their little ones. New paradigms call for new ideas, that’s where Danone and Playmobil came together to offer a product that is tailored to the modern family: simple, natural, healthy and up on all the latest tech trends!  

Parents are increasingly demanding with regards to a product’s origins, naturality, and nutritional value. In line with their 2025 pledge, Danone in France’s latest release is Danone Bio Kids, a plain organic yogurt that combines the established benefits of fermented foods and the calcium that have made this product a worldwide superstar, with a brilliant twist: a partnership with Playmobil that brings the packaging of the product to life. And what’s more, this yogurt is top of its class – rated A on the NutriScore–  and with no added sugars.

Each yogurt in the packs of Danone Bio Kids holds much more than the promise of a healthier product: it has a unique design that can be brought to life using virtual reality. The animations, which are activated using a smartphone, help families gain better insight into how a yogurt is made as well as the life of an organic dairy farmer. To pique kids’ curiosity, Danone and Playmobil added a reward component: each pack that is scanned equals a chance to win a set of Playmobil figurines.