A personalized hydration experience at home

Berlin-based startup Mitte was founded in 2016 with the mission to build more sustainable and personalized hydration solutions. Their smart home water system allows consumers to purify and enhance plain tap water through a two-step method involving distillation and mineralization. The company offers a selection of mineral cartridges with varying levels of natural minerals, allowing consumers to personalize their water in a sustainable way. Danone Manifesto Ventures invited Mitte to join its portfolio in 2018, with a shared commitment to bring health through hydration.

Mitte offers the first of its kind smart home water system that purifies and enhances water through a process inspired by the natural water cycle. With a dedicated digital app to further enhance the consumer experience, users are able to monitor the quality of their water, gain insights into personal water consumption and order cartridges.

Water can be a vital source of minerals for the human body, and many minerals have higher bioavailability in water than in food, such as calcium and magnesium. However, other water purification systems remove essential minerals in water along with the contaminants, creating water that's clean but depleted of minerals. Mitte solves this problem by using replaceable mineral cartridges to replicate a process that occurs in nature when water flows through rocks, picking up minerals along the way. This unique process adds back the minerals and trace elements that other water purifiers remove, giving users water that’s not just clean, but also full of essential nutrients.

“We believe that Mitte has significant potential and represents a strong strategic fit for Danone Manifesto Ventures, advancing our goal of promoting health through hydration. We look forward to supporting Mitte’s ambition to provide consumers with the opportunity to choose their preferred mineralization levels and taste profile.”

- Jean-Francois Hurel, Head of Investment of Danone Manifesto Ventures

There's no single way to offer hydration solutions for all. With ample room for different models and a knack for breakthrough technologies, Danone looks forward to using its water expertise and resources to support Mitte’s growth opportunities and sustainability business agenda, in a quest to bring complementary hydration solutions for all.

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