Focusing on the nutrition, health and well-being of our employees

The Health@Work program is born in 2008, for Danone employees in the global R&I center. The objective was to improve the health of employees through 3 levers: food and nutrition, physical activity and well-being.

A program FOR and BY the employees, built, deployed and led by a group of volunteers and a dietitian-nutritionist, Sophie Thierry, with the support of the Management, the Human Resources, and the Occupational Medicine.


A « model » program, recognized by the health authorities in 2013 with the label “PNNS Active office” (Programme National Nutrition Santé).


Over the years, the range of services has evolved according to the expectations and needs of each employee, while remaining diverse and freely accessible to all employees. It is articulated around 3 axes:


·       “Good in my plate“: nutrition consultancy and nutrition speed-dating with personalized nutrition advices proposed by a dietetician-nutritionist, conferences around different topics to support the daily « good eating », alternative recipes (without meat) offered at the company restaurant, take-away organic fruits baskets, a recipes sharing box for employees to exchange ideas on easy to prepare and well-balanced meals at home.

·       “Good in my body“:  the opening of a sports room and the launch of collective lessons for employees as well as individual coaching

·       “Good in my mind“:  a company’s concierge service to facilitate our daily lives, a space for afternoon naps for those who want to take a short break and relief, a lactation room for mums who want to express their milk to continue breastfeeding their babies and share tips and tricks with a network of mums as well as lactation experts


In 2017, a new axis has been defined around ”healthy ageing” from a prevention and management perspective. FeelYoung is an initiative that aims at offering a positive and confident vision of ageing, proposing key knowledge to better understand and act for full living, living better and living longer.


Always with simple and accessible solutions for all to be able to act, shape your eating and drinking habits while keeping pleasure, serenity, at your own pace via conferences, workshops, tutorials.


After the "positive psychology" and the "emotions" in 2017, "sleep" and "memory" in 2018, then our "senses" and the "BlueZones" in 2019, FeelYoung is going green in 2020 and 2021 with a new topic: THE ENVIRONMENT.


Each small step counts for your well-being, the health of our employees and our planet!

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