Nutripedia: against fake news for parents in Italy

Moms and dads are constantly looking for information about their children’s nutrition. In our day and age, they ask for advice on social media and on blogs, which often exposes them to the biggest threat of the web: fake news. Against this, there is a need for support to parents, with reliable reference points. That’s how the Nutripedia project was born.


Nutripedia is an education and awareness campaign that helps to recognize the correct information and sources about nutrition, to protect the well-being of parents and their children in the first 1,000 days, from pregnancy to the first 2 years of life. Thanks to a dedicated website and a Facebook page, Nutripedia offers a reliable reference point between science and the needs of families, looking for correct information on nutrition in the first 1,000 days.

With the appreciation of the Italian ministry of health, this project is backed by a robust team of experts. RIMMI (Intercompany Milan Maternal and Child Network), as scientific coordinator of the project, produces scientific articles on topics identified as prone to fake news. The Danone Institute supports and contributes to the credibility of the information put forth. Media partners, such as Fattore Mamma (a parents’ community blog), contribute to the virtuous circle by collecting genuine concerns from parents and sharing them with the teams of experts. In turn, they can provide verified scientific articles on their blogs, amplifying the proper answers and solutions.

To go even further, a chatbot is in the works to answer the most common questions about nutrition any time, anywhere. Parents will soon be able to get answers right from their mobile on several topics: childbearing age, pregnancy, breastfeeding, weaning, 1-3 years, etc.