With Hayat, tea is best served cold!

In a country where tea is an absolute staple, Hayat offers a new experience in iced tea consumption: tasty but also healthy and made from natural products. Co-constructed with local tea expert Chado, the four flavors of the range were awarded with a Superior Taste Award, just a few months after their launch in June 2019.

Naturality in infusion

Hayat tea is aimed at consumers looking for healthy products, and who are cautious as to the composition of the products they buy. Indeed, the ingredients that make up each flavor are healthy and natural. Without dyes or preservatives, the teas derive their low sugar content from sugar beets and are low in calories.

The new range of Hayat iced teas offers 4 colorful recipes: peach and black tea; cinnamon, mint, orange and chai; acai, grapes and white tea; bergamot, apple and green tea.

Co-built and rewarded teas

Hayat did not build these innovative recipes alone. While remaining true to its values, the brand has decided to focus on co-creation, using influencers and consumers. The range has also been co-built with tea expert Chado, a partnership that has borne fruit because Hayat ice tea has obtained a Superior Taste Award, awarded in 2019 by the International Taste Institute of Brussels.

Presented in a packaging that was tailored to highlight the effects of the infusion, these new drinks can be found in Turkey. The tea is served!