What if the future of health was within you?

Did you know that there are approximately 10 times more bacteria than human cells in the body, and over a hundred times more bacterial genes than human ones?

The microbiome is the sum of all the micro-organisms inhabiting the human body. This bacterial ecosystem in the gut and elsewhere, has been linked to various health conditions, among which allergies, gastrointestinal ailments, diabetes, depression, etc. Naturally, the microbiome is a field that has attracted much attention. No surprise there, as we may be on the brink of abundant opportunities to revolutionize medicine.

The microbiome, a gateway to treating and preventing disease

The multitude of biological processes affected by the bacterial ecosystem within the human microbiome make its balance essential to health. Understanding and maintaining a balance of species within this complex ecosystem is essential for medical breakthroughs to come, especially as it pertains to preventing and treating chronic diseases.

Nutrition at the core of a healthy microbiome

At the forefront of this field is Seventure, which launched a microbiome-focused fund (Health For Life Capital TM) as early as 2014.  

As a world leader in supporting innovative food and health concepts, Danone seeks to push the boundaries of the ways to bring health through food. By investing in Health for Life CapitalTM and building promising relationships with start-ups, Danone embraces the food revolution.

Discover this successful journey in this video.