For Our 100 Years, Take A Walk On The Production Side!

To end our centennial celebration year, we offered the general public and all our stakeholders the possibility to discover what's behind the doors of our production sites and who are the people behind our brands. Through this “Open Doors” initiative, we welcomed more than 50,000 people, in 47 of our production sites across 17 countries.

Open Doors visual

The last milestone in our 100th anniversary year, the “Open Doors” initiative was a way to celebrate our journey with our communities, opening the doors of many production sites across the globe. This was a unique opportunity to dive into how we manufacture our products, what innovation looks like behind the scenes, how we strive to make recipes simpler and ingredients more locally sourced, and the passion and talent that drive the teams.

Today, people are demanding radical change when it comes to how they eat and drink. They pay ever closer attention to the fine print on food packaging. They want to see how, where and with what a product is made. The “Open Doors” initiative goes in the way of this movement. It is about making openness- in all its forms- a trademark of ours and a trust mark for our consumers.

At Danone, the close attention paid to people’s health is coupled with an equal care for the planet and its resources. This is shaping how our products are made and consumed, as well as our approach to preserving resources and protecting the environment. To that end, in addition to enjoying a tour of the site, meeting the people behind their beloved brands and discovering the crafting process, guests in our production sites were able to have some insights into the actions that demonstrate our commitment to the health of people and the planet alike: production sites turning to renewable energies, zero-waste facilities, efforts to lower carbon emissions, local projects promoting regenerative agriculture practices among farmers, among others.

Mathias Vicherat, General Secretary at Danone, comments the Open Doors initiative and the many ways in which we made this centennial celebration a special one: