Meet Font Vella’s healthy hydration coach

Font Vella, our Spanish natural mineral water brand, has recently announced the upcoming launch of Coach2O, its first device that tracks water intake and coaches people toward adequate hydration. The product is being developed in partnership with, an innovative start-up specialized in smart packaging. 

Inspiring better habits

We know that more than 50% of Spanish population doesn’t hydrate adequately. As a leader on the market for natural mineral waters, it is our main priority to bring innovative solutions to promote healthy hydration. Together with Font Vella, Coach2o will bring a personalized coaching service of hydration. 

How it works

Packed with sensors, Coach2O is a clip that covers the existing bottle cap - ensuring no contact between the water and the device - and records the volume of water taken in by its user. If need be, Coach2O reminds its user to drink via discreet series of blinks. The app companion connected to the clip brings a more personalized experience, with features such as daily hydration goal setting, adjusted to individual parameters and daily routine like workouts. 

“Over the years, our scientific teams have developed a deep understanding of the science of hydration. Now, with our open innovation capabilities, we can leverage digital solutions to bring all this knowledge to those who need it most: our consumers, through personalized solutions” - Bruno Dasque, VP R&I at Danone Waters

Naturally, the science of hydration is present too, with fun facts and tips about the reasons why cultivating healthy drinking habits is crucial, and how to get there. 

Coach2O will first retail on, with sales expected to start during spring 2019.