evian certified carbon neutral today, committed for a sustainable tomorrow

As Danone’s first global brand* to become carbon neutral, evian is a great example of how we can maintain a leading position while stepping up climate and environmental actions to fight climate change and deliver impact through our #WeActForWater ambitions.

evian carbon neutral

Reaching the objective set in 2015 has required years of ambitious reductions made at every stage of the product life cycle, from conception to production to recycling, as well as investing in projects that support local ecosystems. Reducing the footprint on the planet has been and will continue to be a top priority for evian:


  • Design: evian remains committed to making each of its bottles from 100% recycled material by 2025, knowing it allows to save up to 50% of carbon emissions compared to a virgin plastic bottle.**
  • Production: Cutting CO2 emissions thanks to a bottling site that is powered by 100% renewable energy.
  • Transportation: Shipping 50% of evian bottles by train from the bottling site – a footprint that is 10x smaller than that of trucks in France.
  • And beyond: evian has partnered with the Livelihoods Carbon Fund and support the development of virtuous natural ecosystems an improve the lives of local communities, notably through the plantation of 13 million trees which act to offset evian's remaining carbon emissions in order to achieve carbon neutrality.

Find out more about evian’s carbon neutrality journey here:


*evian is Danone first global brand whose products are certified carbon neutral

**excluding cap and label