Developing women’s access to decision-making positions

The EVE Program was born in Evian in 2010 to spread awareness on the importance of balanced leadership and to train a generation of inspired and enlightened managers that act to transform organizations and their performance through diversity. At EVE, the motto is universal: be yourself and unleash your potential!  

Since its creation, the Program has grown and conquered two regions of the globe that demonstrate a remarkable economic dynamism and a high potential for innovation in all fields (technological, social, cultural ...): the Asia-Pacific area since 2014, and Africa since 2017.

« EVE Program is about transformation and leadership, it speaks to men and women alike, and seeks to empower women towards progress within a company. »- Anne Thévenet-Abitbol

The second edition of the EVE Africa Seminar was held in Dakar from the 27th to the 29th of November 2018, with Danone and L'Oréal as lead partners, and Orange and BNP Paribas as sponsors. Among the participants were representatives of Alix Partners, Keolis, Barry Callebaut, Thalès, Total, CBAO, etc. In total, about a hundred nationals from over twenty African countries met for three days in Dakar to live the EVE experience.

Three days of inspiration where speakers of international repute - bona fide supporters of the Program- but also African experts on: gender diversity, empowerment, development of political intelligence, well-being, and balance. Furthermore, attendees discovered testimonials of great company leaders and political action figures, as well as entrepreneurs whose audacity is creating economic and social value, and women who change the world by empowering their peers in the way of positive change.

A rich and diverse Program that asserts, through the years and the regions, that it is by changing oneself that one contributes to changing the world ... And that the whole horizon of possibilities is then open for a greater good.


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