Celebrating inclusive diversity at Danone

Truly diverse teams fuel our performance and enable us to continue innovating and growing. Today, we are more than 100,000 people in over 55 countries around the world working together to embrace the food revolution. We are united in our differences with a vision and mission that are common to all of us, and it is capital to support every person to grow and lead change in order ensure the success of this mission and of our business. For this, we also need for our teams to represent the diversity of the millions of people who use our products, in order to better recognize and serve their needs. Our ambition is to have each and every one at Danone feel included and able to contribute with their uniqueness, entrusting them to create new futures.

This week, people at Danone worldwide celebrated Inclusive Diversity Week, with the objective to raise awareness, showcase best practices or simply launch new initiatives that will help us reach this ambition. Find out more on Inclusive Diversity at Danone below and read our position paper here.