From Farm to Bottle: Baby formula ‘Track & Connect’ unlocks an important food journey

At Danone, we understand that our food choices are one of the most important day-to-day decisions we make, especially when we are making them for babies. Part of this decision is knowing where our food comes from. Ensuring that our baby formulas have a transparent and traceable journey is our mission, and that’s why we developed an innovative, data-driven service: ‘Track & Connect’.

Baby Formula Track Connect

Our goal is to help parents make the best food choices for their little ones. Therefore, we believe it is important to give them a view into the food journey our baby formulas take. To do this, we have developed an innovative solution that empowers parents through knowledge when it comes to our products: our baby formula Track & Connect service.

Once in place, parents will simply use their smartphones to see the journey their product has taken - providing transparency and traceability as well as confirming the authenticity of our products. Putting the needs of parents first means ensuring the service is easy to use and accessible. By scanning a QR code with a smartphone, parents will access verified information to learn more about when and where their formula was produced.

Having launched in China for Danone’s Aptamil & Nutrilon brands, the service will now be rolled out in France, Germany, Australia and New Zealand through our Aptamil brand, and such local brands as Gallia and Karicare.

Through this technology we are involving our customers in the provenance of their favorite products. It also helps us fulfil our future goal to create a system that supports parents, through customized after sale support and services, from health and nutritional mobile apps to useful parenting videos and customer helplines. We hope Track & Connect will provide a new way for parents to connect with us and join our Danone community.