Alpro Proteins, The plant-based ally for sports lovers.

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Alpro Proteins

The plant-based ally for sports lovers.

For the first time, Alpro is launching a range of protein-rich and tasty drinks. Here's how it works.

It is important to find the time to give our body the nutrients it needs to remain in good health. This is where Alpro comes in to simplify your life with its new Alpro Proteins range and its two vegetable protein drinks: plain and chocolate flavour. Two new nutri-score A drinks that will give you the extra protein you are looking for!


Why using plant-based proteins?

Proteins are essential to the proper functioning of our body. Indeed, they are an essential macronutrient and one of the pillars of our diet.

Proteins are not only animal but also vegetable. They can be found in lentils, quinoa, spirulina, ... and especially in soya!

Soy proteins are of very high quality because they are complete, i.e. they contain the 9 essential amino acids that the body needs and are highly digestible.

They are a real source of energy and therefore allow your body to have the energy it needs to function as well as the energy necessary to ensure optimal muscle maintenance and recovery.



50g of protein per bottle. 

Our soy-based drinks are rich in protein, sources of calcium, vitamins, nutriscore A, no sweeteners, low in sugar and contain 50g of protein per brick.

The Alpro Proteins range is ideal for flexitarians, vegetarians, vegans and sportsmen who are looking for additional protein in their diet and who wish to satisfy their nutritional requirements.

Our products can be consumed at any time of the day, it's up to you to find the moment that suits you best: breakfast in a bowl of cereals, porridge or with protein pancakes, at snack time before or after sport in shakes, between two meetings in your shakes or smoothies.

As for the Alpro Protein Chocolate drink, it can stand alone or be added to your daily recipes.

As with our other Alpro drinks, we are proud of the soy used: 60% of it comes from Europe and 40% from Canada. Of the 60% from Europe, over 50% comes from France and the soy from Canada is imported by sea to minimise the carbon footprint. Thus, 100% of our soybeans are Proterra certified, and therefore guaranteed GMO-free and zero deforestation.


Did you like us? Do you want more?

The new Alpro Proteins range is available at Leclerc, Carrefour, Géant and U shops.