Our farmers highlighted at the International Agriculture Fair

One year after Danone in France's ‘Danone Act’ was launched at the 2018 International Agriculture Fair (SIA), we have chosen to highlight Danone's 2300 partners and the projects we are developing with them to accelerate the transition towards an agriculture that is more respectful of the soil, men and animals. Concrete commitments made by Danone that translate into the quality of our recipes with simple, good and natural products.

Renewing our commitment to the agricultural world

Danone has been faithful to the SIA for over 15 years and a committed partner in serving the food revolution. This year, we wanted to embody the projects of our partner farmers, with whom we have built relationships of trust for many years.

We have always been in contact with milk producers because one of our main raw ingredients is milk.. This close collaboration allows us to support them in the long term, including in the adaptation of their farms to the challenges of tomorrow and in the transition to an agriculture that is more respectful of men, soil and animals.

A year ago, Danone in France made 3 commitments to citizens and society, and here is where we stand one year later:

  • More transparency in our recipes: Launch of the ‘JeSais’ website, and Nutriscore on all ultra-fresh products by the end of the year.
  • More organic products: development of new organic ranges on 9 brands (Blédina, Volvic, Danone, Danonino, Activia, etc.), with the aim to offer organic alternatives across our kids’ range by 2020.
  • Towards regenerative agriculture: 5.4M euros wer collected on 21 September 2018 thanks to a national operation that will make it possible to finance concrete programs supporting farmers and accelerating the transition.

Giving impulse to regenerative agriculture

Each of the projects we will support will revolve around regenerative agriculture: supporting the conversion of farms to organic, developing low carbon farms, implementing new practices for animal welfare, etc.

At Danone, we are convinced that it is through collective work that this ambition can be reached. That is why we work with many partners around us, including in the financing of projects. For example, we recently expanded our partnership with the MiiMOSA platform. Now, 2 of our brands - Blédina and Danone- have their own platform to accelerate the development of our farmers’ projects.

The science behind soils

Soils are key in agriculture and the renewal of the land. A living soil is a soil that breathes. To better understand the reality of this phenomenon, we chose to work with our partner GOODPLANET to offer an interactive display that allows each of us, even little ones, to touch and feel living soil through 2 experiments:

  • Experiment 1: on the infiltration of water into soils
  • Experiment 2: on the development of soil biodiversity