Bringing Health Through Food: Carefully Selected Natural Ingredients With Love

Every day, people around the world make choices about the food they buy, make and enjoy. Increasingly, they want better-for-you, simple and sustainable foods.
Since the first Danone yogurt was sold in pharmacies to support gut health 100 years ago, we have been driven by the needs of people.
Our story began in 1919 with a father who wanted to protect and promote the health of his son and thousands of malnourished children. Today, the simple aim around which we were founded remains as relevant as ever.

Isaac Carasso had the simple idea to develop a product that would aid the digestive ailments common among the Catalonian people at the time. Inspired by research at the Pasteur Institute, he mixed strains of lactic ferments with fresh milk, to make yogurt. Soon after, it was sold to pharmacies across Barcelona under the Danone brand, garnering the support of doctors and scientists whose advice he sought to better understand the benefits of yogurt.
Following in his father’s footsteps two decades on, Isaac’s son Daniel enrolled in business school in Marseille, before pursuing studies at the Pasteur Institute in Paris.

Today, the Carasso family’s values remain at the heart of our business and are reflected in all that we do. Connecting science and nutrition helps us bring health through food that is adapted to cultural differences and dietary practices.
Since Isaac developed the first Danone yogurt, the health benefits of yogurt have formed part of our DNA. Today, our researchers have access to a library of almost 4,000 strains of bacteria to develop our products.

The Danone Institute, established at the end of the twentieth century, serves as a catalyst for research in nutrition, supporting our mission to help consumers develop eating habits that promote better health. Currently, there are over a dozen institutes bringing together more than 200 experts worldwide.

Through our unique, health-focused portfolio, we aim to offer the widest range of “enjoyable goodness” for everyone. With the rise of flexitarianism, this includes providing dairy and plant-based options. We believe our products can help support the health of people of all ages, by providing essential nutrients, high-quality protein sources, and pre and probiotics for gut heath.

As we look to the future, we innovate to improve and grow our offer. We continue to improve the nutritional value of our ranges, making natural products richer in essential nutrients and developing a range of options, from plain dairy and basic plant-based products to fruit and flavored propositions with no or low added sugars or other sweetening alternatives.

Listening and responding to the needs of those who enjoy our foods and beverages ensures that Danone’s future will reflect the ambitions of our past. Over 100 years, and in the centuries to come, one thing will always remain true: our aim to bring heath through food.