2021 Danone Shareholders’ Meeting: approval of all resolutions


Paris, April 29 , 2021 

Danone’s Shareholders’ Meeting was held today, exceptionally behind closed doors given the current health context, chaired by Gilles Schnepp, Chairman of the Board of Directors. 64.09% of Danone’s total outstanding share capital was represented in this Shareholders’ Meeting.



2021 Danone Shareholders’ Meeting: approval of all resolutions


Danone’s shareholders approved all resolutions submitted to a vote, including the statutory and consolidated financial statements for the 2020 fiscal year, and the proposed dividend of €1.94 per share in cash, down 8% from 2019. The ex-dividend date (or ex-date) is set on May 10, 2021 and the dividend will be payable on May 12, 2021.


In addition, the Shareholders’ Meeting approved all proposed renewals of terms of office of the members of the Board of Directors, Guido Barilla, Cécile Cabanis, Michel Landel and Serpil Timuray, and the ratification of the co-opting of Gilles Schnepp as Director.


Following the adoption of the Entreprise à Mission model in June 2020, the Mission Committee chaired by Pascal Lamy, and in charge of measuring Danone’s progress on the 4 pillars of its mission, presented for the first time its annual report to the Shareholders’ Meeting.


The presentation made during the Shareholders’ Meeting, the detailedvoting results per resolution, the answers to all written questions sent by shareholders and the Mission Committee’s annual report are available on Danone’s corporate website (www.danone.com). The video webcast of the Shareholders’ Meeting will be available on the website as of the end of the day. 

Composition of the Board’s Committees


In the framework of the new composition of the Board of Directors further to today Shareholders’ Meeting, the Board decided to review the composition of its committees which are composed now as follows:

  • Audit Committee chaired by Gaëlle Olivier along with Frédéric Boutebba andLionel Zinsou-Derlin; 
  • Governance Committee chaired by the Lead Independent Director, Jean-Michel Severino, along with Clara Gaymard and Michel Landel; 
  • Engagement Committee chaired by Serpil Timuray along with Michel Landel and Bettina Theissig; 
  • Strategy & Transformation Committee chaired by Lionel Zinsou-Derlinalong with Guido Barilla, Cécile Cabanis, Franck Riboud and Isabelle Seillier.

Continuation of the global Employee Share Subscription Plan


In the framework of the « One Person. One Voice. One Share » program, launched in 2019, the Board of Directors decided to continue in 2021 its capital increase program reserved to employees working for Danone foreign legal entities or in a situation of international mobility within Danone. Under this program, eligible employees of Danone foreign entities will be able to subscribe to new shares with a 20% discount of the reference price. The subscription period is expected to occur in June 2021. The new shares will be issued under the 23rd resolution approved during today Shareholders’ Meeting shall not exceed a nominal amount of €200,000. The capital increase will be opened to all eligible employees working in all countries that participated in 2019 as well as the eligible employees working in an additional number of countries subject to obtaining necessary authorizations from local authorities. The new shares will be listed under the same code as the existing Danone shares (ISIN code: FR0000120644) and will be fungible with those shares from their admission to trading. 

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