Danone and the Global Methane Hub join forces together to accelerate innovation in methane reduction


  • Danone becomes first corporation to join the Global Methane Hub’s Enteric Fermentation R&D Accelerator. 
  • The Accelerator aims to create new scalable and practical solutions for dairy farmers to reduce methane emissions. 


November 22, 2023, Paris & Santiago: The Global Methane Hub (GMH) and Danone announce a new partnership to reduce methane emissions and drive scalable solutions in farming.


Danone will become the first corporate funder of the Enteric Fermentation R&D Accelerator, the largest ever globally coordinated research effort on enteric methane, coordinated by GMH and supported by an alliance of philanthropic organizations and governments.


The Accelerator, which has already raised $200M in funding, will invest in breakthrough research and innovation to create new scalable and practical solutions for livestock farmers that can mitigate enteric fermentation, which is the digestive process of ruminant livestock. Research will include mitigation of methane via feed additives, plant and animal genetics, methane vaccines, as well as accessible and affordable measurement technologies. 

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Email: press@danone.com