Nutricia introduces healthcare professionals to open science education platform Danone Nutricia Campus

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands, May 21, 2021

  • Danone Nutricia Campusis an independent resource and training platform offering healthcare professionals a trustworthy, easy-to-access source for their professional development.
  • Besides the challenge of accessing the latest nutrition research, healthcare professionals are looking for the opinion of independent clinicians and academics. 
  • Danone Nutricia Campus is overseen by a not-for-profit foundation with the purpose of advancing the field of nutrition through open science, training and education. 

Nutricia, part of leading multi-local food and beverage company Danone, today brought together leading international experts to introduce Danone Nutricia Campus, a digital resource and training platform for healthcare professionals overseen by an independent not-for-profit foundation. Since its early days 125 years ago Nutricia has partnered with the healthcare community on breakthrough scientific discoveries. Nutricia recognizes the importance of knowledge discovery and continued education to advance the field of nutrition and to improve clinical practice and patient care. Through the platform, healthcare professionals can access the latest clinical research and insights from leading clinicians, personalized for their specialization and areas of interest.


COVID-19 has underlined the importance of healthcare professionals having quick access to independent, factual information at the touch of a button. Nearly 90% of doctors see at least some advantage in digital health tools1 , and 70% of doctorsin Europe find they would not be able to do their job without access to digital technology and information . Besides finding the time to access the latest insights in nutrition research, one of the main challenges for healthcare professionals in digital medical education is accessing expert opinions from leading specialists in the field. Danone Nutricia Campus brings together both aspects, enabling easy access to the latest cutting-edge nutrition research and commentary from independent experts, making it simple for busy healthcare professionals with little time to update their knowledge.


Danone Nutricia Campus is a not-for-profit foundation with the purpose of advancing the field of nutrition through open science, training and education. The platform is overseen by the independent board of the foundation comprised of experts in nutrition and health, including Professor of Pediatrics dr. Hans van Goudoever (Emma Children’s Hospital Amsterdam University Medical Centers, the Netherlands) and Professor Yvan Vandenplas(University Hospital Brussels, Belgium). Dr. Hans van Goudoever commented: “I am excited to join the board of the foundation that will oversee Danone Nutricia Campus and work with the healthcare community to advance the field of nutrition and health. Ultimately our goal for the platform is to provide healthcare professionals with independent scientific information relevant to their practice that will contribute to better health outcomes and care.” 


The scientific education programs available on Danone Nutricia Campus range from specializations such as the role of nutrition in early life, the benefits of breastfeeding, allergy and immunity, disease-related malnutrition and nutrition in aging as well as in critical care. The nutrition research and educational content on the platform will be curated by the foundation’s Scientific Board. By following the programs, healthcare professionals are able to advance their professional development through personalized medical education and connect with peers in their community.


Katrien van Laere, VP of Medical and Scientific Affairs, Market Access for Specialized Nutrition at Danone commented: “We are incredibly proud to make available the resources of Danone Nutricia Campus to the healthcare community today. In a time that has placed unprecedented strain on healthcare systems, Nutricia is committed to supporting healthcare professionals in providing ever better care. We hope Danone Nutricia Campus will contribute to continued knowledge development and advancing insight in the field of nutrition and we thank the independent board members for their leadership in carrying it forward.”


With Danone Nutricia Campus, Nutricia reinforces its commitment to collaboration and pioneering science that examines how specialized nutrition can impact health across the lifespan for years to come.


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