YoPRO: a treat for athletes’ nutritional needs

Whether you drink or eat them with a spoon, YoPRO yogurts are no ordinary snack! Dedicated to athletes and their active lifestyles, they are designed to meet their expectations: healthy and high in protein. Available in several countries and in a wide range of flavors, sports enthusiasts are sure to find what they’re looking for.

Protein: the core of the sportsman's diet

If picking the right diet is important for everyone, it is also important to adapt it to your own lifestyle. Protein, for example, is an essential component of any diet. It acts directly on the constitution and growth of human body tissue; therefore, a continuous supply of protein is necessary.

However, for athletes, these needs are different: depending on the regularity and intensity of their physical activity, daily protein requirements may increase. As a result, protein-rich foods are particularly suitable for restoring a balanced diet1.

1) JÄGER, Ralf et al. International society of sports nutrition stand: protein and exercise. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, v. 14, n. 1, p. 20, 2017.


A range that is high in protein and taste

As regular athletes become more numerous, the need for high-protein foods increases. YoPRO yogurts have been developed to meet the expectations of the most active of us. In addition to meeting the nutritional needs of athletes, YoPRO yogurts have other qualities to boast. Without any preservatives, colorings or artificial flavors, this range of yogurts comes in: grapefruit, mango, blueberry or simply plain. They contain 15 grams of protein for fruit yogurts and 17 grams for plain yogurt. Launched in Brazil, Australia, Spain, Mexico, Belarus and South Africa, this rich range of flavors is dressed in a sleek black packaging.