The benefits of yogurt in a bar

Being in a hurry is no longer an excuse to neglect your diet! The Cultured Snacking co. offers a solution to help active consumers put dairy products back into their busy lifestyles: an innovation in the form of cereal bars.

Cereal bars for active lifestyles

Everyday life is increasingly hectic, causing a change in our consumption habits, especially when it comes to eating. This new range from The Cultured Snacking co. offers a new option for consumers who like to make sure they are getting enough from their nutrition, but without slowing down their lifestyle. In addition to creating products tailored for our era, the ambition of the brand is even greater: to offer a new culture of snacking.  

A new way to enjoy yogurt, probiotics and protein

The bars of The Cultured Snacking co. are an alternative to the consumption of probiotics, contained in fermented foods like yogurts for example. Probiotics are tiny unicellular organisms that are good for the body and can help maintain good health if they are consumed regularly. Like proteins, probiotics are therefore an important contribution to a healthy diet: two elements found in these cereal bars.

A new range of cereal bars ... For all tastes!

The originality of The Cultured Snacking co.'s products is also in their flavors. Yogurt, almonds, and other fruity aromas are the main ingredients of four varieties of low-calorie cereal bars, which come in an attractive and uncluttered design:

  • Blueberry Chai
  • Lemon Ginger
  • Maple Pecan
  • Peach