Nurture Progress in South Africa Through Product Fortification

Danone South Africa is evolving in a complex commercial context where yogurt is a highly commoditized category in the country with strong promotional pressure. In parallel, the country is faced with public health and social issues such as nutrition deficiencies and a high rate of single moms (approximately 67%). 


To strengthen its recognition among consumers and to ensure growth in the categories where the subsidiary operates, Danone South Africa has decided to start the initiative Nurture progress in South Africa through moms. 


Through the initiative Nurture progress in South Africa through moms, the subsidiary is advancing in its Manifesto Brand journey by making Nutriday products the building blocks of progress through a locally tailored nutritional solution that can drive the future of our children forward as well as empowering moms.


The program particularly relies on:


  • Product fortification to contribute in reducing nutrition deficiencies starting with zinc fortification in March 2019 and continuing with iron fortification by May 2020.
  • Women empowerment by making nutrition accessible and providing inspiration, education and support in order to make them stronger & independent.


The brand aims to evolve from just a yogurt to a convenient affordable fortified nutritional product that nurtures progress in South Africa through moms thus contributing to the company’s ambition to offer superior food experiences and innovations while fostering inclusive growth and consumers good health.


Through this initiative, Danone South Africa is contributing to provide affordable fortified nutrition. 


In addition, by providing inspiration, education and support through activations, the subsidiary supports women empowerment in the context of high single mom rate. Through an ongoing social experiment, it aims to prove that given the opportunity women can succeed by building each other’s strength.