Livelihoods Carbon Fund: 'Araku 2', from degraded lands to a biodiverse terroir for premium coffee & food forests: the journey of 40,000 Araku farmers in India

The Livelihoods Carbon Fund, an impact investment fund supported by private companies, and the Naandi foundation, an Indian NGO, join forces again to support 40,000 women and men farmers in their transition to sustainable farming. This large-scale project builds on the learnings of the first Livelihoods-Araku project which already planted 6 million trees and on the powerful links Naandi has been able to forge with the Araku farmers. Trees, pulses and millets, coffee, fodder, fuelwood: welcome in a collective movement where every square centimeter of 18,000 hectares of the Araku Valley will be transitioned to sustainable agricultural practices.

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©David Hogg/Naandi Foundation