Danone Products on B CORP Hub on Waitrose Online Store

Danone Essential Dairy and Plant-Based Business in the United Kingdom and other B CorpTM FMCG companies in the UK partnered with Waitrose, a national retailer, to create a ‘B CorpTM hub’ for its online store. The aim is to give the consumer dedicated space to find products that are a Force for Good, as well as providing information around B CorpTM values.


Our partnership with Waitrose is helping us to drive awareness of B CorpTM certification with our consumers. It has opened doors to discussions with other UK retailers on how we can activate with them, and it has helped gauge the impact of sustainability on a consumer’s shopping journey. We are committed to ensuring B CorpTM is known as the mark of trust that it is and by partnering with retailers and other B CorpsTM we amplify that message and enable consumers to 'vote for the world they want to live in'.


The results of this trial are reinforcing our idea that B CorpTM is helping us answer our consumers requirements for transparency and trust from the brands they buy. Indeed, the shoppers that visited the B CorpTM hub are between 24 and 35 years old, spend twice as much time on the B CorpTM Hub than the other sections of the online store, and are shoppers that like to research when buying products (spending 4 minutes longer than average shopper on Waitrose website). This shows that the type of consumer is more astute and that they are spending the time to learn about B CorpTM certification and the B CorpTM products.