Danone Ecosystem Fund: ‘Madre Tierra’, A Regenerative Agriculture Project with Mexican Strawberry Producers

"Madre Tierra" is a project with small strawberry producers in Mexico, co-built with the Danone Ecosystem Fund and other private and public players. It was developed with the objective to regenerate soils and to develop and protect natural resources and farmers’ communities.


The ambition of the "Madre Tierra" project is to develop a model of regenerative agriculture, providing 140 Mexican producers with technical and technological resources while training them in environmentally respectful agricultural practices, including sustainable soil and water management, biodiversity preservation and optimized fertilization.


The project was co-built with many stakeholders – including farmers, the Danone Ecosystem Fund, the Walmart Foundation in Mexico, Altex, TechnoServe, Nuup and the German development agency GIZ. – and will positively and sustainably transform the agricultural value chain of strawberry production in Mexico.


In Mexico, the precariousness of farmers is very strong: 76% of farms generate only 16% of total income. Small producers are often caught in a vicious cycle of poverty: lack of technical knowledge, unsustainable farming practices, low productivity and quality, lack of market connection, presence of many informal intermediaries, etc.


With an investment of 500,000 euros over 4 years (2019-2023), the project has the objective to empower farmers communities through an innovative set of training, technologies, etc. to strengthen the capacity of producers.

While protecting the soil and reducing the use of pesticides and water waste, the new methods of operation should also allow producers to access new markets and increase their net income.


Between producers and strawberry pickers, hundreds will benefit from a transfer of skills, certify their production, and receive training in the use of new technologies. Ultimately, these actions will also have an indirect positive impact on the families of the workers.