La Laiterie Du Berger – Proving Lasting Social Impact and Economic Success Go Hand in Hand!

“Good for me, good for my country!”​ This slogan explains the uniqueness of la Laiterie du Berger (The Herder’s creamery). Not only does the dairy factory produce delicious products inspired by traditional recipes, they increase the supply of locally produced milk. This is impactful in a country where 90% of milk consumed is imported as powder.​


More than 10 years after its creation, la Laiterie du Berger is a booming success in Senegal, and is currently doubling its production capacity, thus increasing its long lasting social impact.

©Patrick Willocq


La Laiterie du Berger has been delivering strong and sustainable economic growth, while keeping at the very heart of its model an equally strong and sustainable social impact. It has created from scratch an entire milk production sector, sourcing milk from local Fulani herders in the north of Senegal, where the factory is located.  


Using local cereals, la Laiterie du Berger provides sustainable livelihoods for local women groups, and has created hundreds of jobs. The social business can count on the support of Danoners, who every year help the unique social business to become stronger, and with broader social impact.


La Laiterie du Berger generates revenues and livelihoods for its entire ecosystem, including Fulani herders who find economic opportunities selling their milk, but also for women groups working at the factory.


One of the most iconic dairy brand in Senegal, la Laiterie du Berger stands for quality and local to local food, with a positive impact for the most remote villages in the north of Senegal. It is now developing the farming practices through a unique network of farming and agriculture advisors, that further improve lives of more than 800 herding families.