AQUA – As a Manifesto Brand

In Indonesia, where a wide part of the population does not have access to safe drinking water, AQUA is working on providing access to quality water. Launched in 1973 with goodness in mind, the brand is the #1 bottled water brand in Indonesia. It was consumed by more than 160 million consumers last year. For more than 47 years, AQUA has been a progressive brand that commits to Indonesian people’s well-being while preserving Indonesia’s environment.  


AQUA, the 1st B CorpTM certified brand in Indonesia, has championed goodness by leveraging its expertise to bring the best of nature and provide consumers with healthy hydration. AQUA brings the goodness principles to life through its commitment to take care of the health of people and of the planet through the promise of healthy hydration and through its actions for plastic waste management and the preservation and sustainability of the water resource.


AQUA Manifesto is relying on four pillars:


1) Goodness to Consumers

The brand provides consumers with the highest quality of mineral water, filtered by Indonesia’s volcanoes. AQUA has a complete range of choices for all preferences and occasions. Through the AMIR (Let’s drink water) program, it encourages continuous education on healthy hydration including at an early age, reaching 500,000 kids nationwide. 


2) Goodness to Nature

The brand innovates and works with local communities and partners to achieve its ambition on circularity of water, energy and packaging. It is acting to protect the water resource namely through planting 2.6 million trees, building water ponds and recharge wells and installing rain water harvest. It aims to be zero net carbon in its operations by 2050 and is strongly acting towards packaging circularity with its plastic pledge in 2018, #BijakBerplastik. All its existing bottles contain up to 25% recycled material and the returnable jug model represents 70% of its circular business.


3) Goodness to Partners

Joint journey with many to deliver sustainable profitable growth for the company and for Indonesia.

The brand also supports communities by providing a clean water access and sanitation program (165,000 people reached) and empowering more than 6,000 women entrepreneurs bringing healthy hydration to homes with the AQUA Home Service.


4) Goodness to Us

The brand contributes to making Danone an Employer of Choice for Indonesians, providing employees with benefits such as 6-month maternity leaves, competitive rewards and pension, family medical support, co-ownership of the company and strategies, among others.