A Yogurt for A Smile: Yogurdrinas

In Argentina, Danone Foundation is carrying out social projects helping local communities namely in accessing nutrition through donation of products from healthy categories and education on healthy eating and drinking habits.


With this conviction, the Essential Dairy and Plant-Based business and Danone Argentina have created the "Yogurdrinas: A Yogurt for a smile" project with an NGO, Joven Levantate, in Virrey del Pino, La Matanza. This project aims at having a selected group of women, the “Yogurdrinas” (a play on words between "yogurt" and "madrina", in Spanish "godmother"), visiting families and distributing yogurt and giving them training on healthy eating and drinking habits. 


In Argentina, a significant proportion of the child population lives below the poverty line and thus has limited or no access to quality products from healthy categories, particularly dairy products.

Danone seeks for comprehensive and replicable solutions through interdisciplinary work teams, establishing partnerships between the public, private and third sectors.


In Argentina, we realized that families and children needed to be accompanied nutritionally. Therefore, Danone subsidiary partnered with the NGO Joven Levántate in the “Yogurdrinas " project. The objective of this project is to select Yogurdrinas who make their own yogurts for a group of selected families and children thanks to Danone yogurt base and water donation (1 pot of Danone yogurt = 7 pots of Yogurdrinas yogurt). These Yogurdrinas are supported by volunteer Danone employees namely those working on food safety & quality and research & innovation to respect the standards of our products’ quality.


Danone is also working with the University ISalud to carry out the diagnosis and nutritional monitoring of the selected children.


Danone and the Ministry of Social Development in Argentina are aiming to expand this project to the whole province of Buenos Aires to train more Yogurdrinas on child nutrition care.


Through this project, Danone Foundation is empowering the Yogurdrinas as community operators that can help foster the change in families and in children’s healthy eating and drinking habits. 


Through their work, they have created an active and concrete action network between families and the public authorities, becoming social references within their community.   


More than 1,300 people have been receiving yogurts as part of this project, and with the support of the Ministry of Education, 33 women received a six-month training in child care and obtained a certificate. Hundreds of people have also been participating in workshops or trainings on good manufacturing practices, child care and healthy eating and accessibility. 


Given the success of this project, Danone Foundation has expanded these initiatives to companies such as Tupperware to provide a safe and environmentally friendly solution for transferring and transporting the yogurt to the families.