April 20th, 2022


At Danone, we are all deeply affected by what we are seeing every day since the invasion of Ukraine.

Danone and all its employees express their solidarity with the people who are now suffering the atrocities of war.

Since the beginning of the conflict, our first priority has been for the safety of our employees in Ukraine, with whom we remain in constant contact. We continue to be moved by their bravery.


Our teams in Poland, Romania and several other countries have spontaneously offered to host their Ukrainian colleagues. We have received many messages of generosity and solidarity from "Danoners" all over the world who are asking how they can help. We work to support them in their offers and expand on their actions and initiatives.

This war has led to increasing difficulties for the population affected to get hold of basic goods. As a food company, and because of our raison d'être, Danone is well attuned to the importance of these issues.


Danone has decided to significantly adapt its operations in Russia, by:

  • Refocusing its portfolio on essential dairy products, infant and medical nutrition, and ceasing all imports of evian and Alpro products;
  • Stopping all new investments, including advertising, brand activations and consumer promotions.

Danone does not take cash, dividends or profits from Russia, and will donate any profits made in the country to humanitarian relief organizations


To support humanitarian aid, we have made a donation of 500,000 euros to the Red Cross. This will be used to supply water, food and medicine. In addition, Danone will match every euro donated by our employees for humanitarian efforts. We are also working with the Red Cross to explore how we can bring a variety of basic necessities to Ukraine. Our teams in neighboring countries are actively involved in collecting and distributing goods to refugees.


We continue to monitor and assess, in real time, how the situation evolves and will, of course, apply the decisions of the French authorities with whom we remain closely coordinated.


Laurent Sacchi – General Secretary