Milk Collection Communities: Initiative by Danone for our Community

One of the most inspiring initiatives by Danone Egypt for the past years has been the Milk Collection Communities (MCC) project.

Initiated in 2011 within the Danone Ecosystem Fund framework, Danone partnered with CARE International to create the MCCs to empower small milk producers. Through MCCs, the quality of milk produced by small farmers improved, and the project helped Danone secure up to 11% of its raw fresh milk needs.

Since its establishment, the partnership has had a positive social impact creating more than 113 job opportunities, addressing the high unemployment rate in rural Egypt. More than 4,400 small farmers and 3,000 women were empowered through increased sustainable revenue streams and capacity building training by CARE.

In efforts to fulfill Danone's mission of "bringing health through food to as many people as possible,” Danone established the first MCC in Beni Suef (Halabiyah) in 2012 followed by the establishment of Abshana Center in December 2014, employing 6 workers and benefiting 260 families and producing 2.5 tons per day of milk, which helped sustain and increase farmers' income," said Hanan Nayel, General Secretary Director, Danone Egypt. The fund also helped provide small milk producers with access to a wide range of services including milk analysis, weighing, storage and veterinary services.

Nayel added that Danone is an environmentally sensitive corporate company with a dual commitment toward business success and social progress. "With our more than 1500 employees energized by our purpose: Nourishing A Healthier, Happier Egypt, we are proud to make a positive contribution to Egypt with great tasting, healthy and top quality products for infants, children and their parents; and services which support healthy lifestyles for all Egyptians," she added.

"We believe in building a socially inclusive approach in the places where we operate and have developed projects that embody this approach: from working with some of the smallest members in our value chain: farmers, milk collectors and micro distributors to providing access to nutrition awareness and education for our consumers.”


Testimonial from MCC Community Member

"My name is Abeer Mahmoud. I am a single mother of two children. It has been very difficult to sustain a stable income for my family as I had no one to go to for financial support. I heard about the Milk Collection Communities (MCC) project in Ebshana village. From having no income at all to being part of such a humanitarian project was a life changing experience.

I joined the MCC project after meeting the field supervisors for the projects and seeing their impact on my community.

I became so passionate about my job – not only for the income – but also the influence it had on my community and the quality of milk we provide our children. I helped spread knowledge and awareness on the best techniques to milk cows and how to preserve fresh milk until it reached the MCC.

Being part of the MCC has given me a whole sense of purpose. I am very proud of the person I have become; not only am I providing for my children, but I am also teaching them the importance of adding value to their community."