Volvic Thirsty for strength, thirsty for action

The video campaign "Volvic - Thirsty for strength, thirsty for action" shows various landscapes of the Auvergne region (France) where Volvic natural mineral water comes from. It shows images of volcanoes, vegetation, natural mineral water and hikers drinking Volvic volcanic water. A voice-over tells the following story:

"Thousands of years ago, the strength of nature created Volvic. Pure natural volcanic mineral water, with a unique blend of minerals for a fresh raw taste. A source of health and inner strength that inspires us to act.

Protecting the ecosystems around our source*, using recycled bottles**, being certified carbon neutral.

Let’s join forces.

Volvic: volcanic natural mineral water."


*in collaboration with local actors

** Already on the 33, 50, 75cl formats and the 8L fountain/ Caps and labels are not yet made of recycled material.