Longer, Healthier Lives

With a proud heritage that stretches back 120 years, Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition is the health care business of Danone that delivers evidence-based medical nutrition products and services for patients of all ages. 



Nutricia supports patients across a broad range of medical conditions, enhancing recovery and improving quality of life. We work closely with the scientific and medical communities to develop clinically proven medical foods that deliver a positive and proven difference to the health of patients.


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We’ve centered our medical nutrition products and services around patients’ needs at specific stages of disease in targeted therapeutic areas such as oncology, stroke, allergy and metabolic disorders. In doing so, we aim to support recovery and help improve the quality of life for all patients. 


"Our ambition is to establish medical

nutrition as an integral part of healthcare, and help doctors

and carers deliver the best possible care for their patients."


DOMINIQUE POIROUX, Executive Vice President Advanced Medical Nutrition
Danone, medical nutrition


Public spending on health care is becoming increasingly constrained. Medical nutrition supports patient recovery, bringing essential savings to both hospitals and the community. These cost savings are the result of improvements in patient health, from fewer complications all the way to reduced mortality. 

For example, integrating nutrition into the care pathways of surgical patients, and ensuring they receive nutritional support in the form of oral nutritional supplements like Fortimel, reduces their length of stay in the hospital by approximately two days. This corresponds to a 13 percent reduction in hospital stay that generates savings of around 10 percent of total health care costs.


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